School Transport

1. Whenever possible the School transort will be provided but the School does not guarantee transport to all those seeking admission.
2. The transport charges will vary according to the distance of the pupil’s residence from the School.
3. Transport charges may be increased by the management when the need to do so arises and this may be done without prior notice.
4. While the School authorities will do their to ensure smooth and safe functioning of the School bus, the School will not be responsible for any accident, damage, faliure to pick up or reach the student on time.
5. Children must travel by bus route that is alloted to them. No changes will be allowed unless applies for, in writing.
6. If so desires, students will be allowed to discontinue the use of the School bus by giving one month’s notice in advance in writing, to the Principal.
7. Shifting to a new locality does not entitle the pupil to use the school bus plying in the new locality without permission from the School authorities.